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Master Every Area of Life

with one affordable monthly membership
Monthly Mastermind is my private group of over 700+ masters from 58 countries. Network with millionaires and mavericks on a mission empower all areas of their lives.


Each month, there’s a new theme & a new area of life to master. From starting an online business, to finding your purpose, growing a personal brand, managing time, investing, stock picking, speaking & influencing, mastering relationships and planning your life… We leave no stone unturned.


Build a 4 Product Empire

A 6-7 figure LEAN online business
with one affordable monthly membership

Wealth Mastery is a comprehensive online video course designed for people who want to build a 6-7 figure online business with huge margins, while making a massive impact, investing for the long-term, achieving financial independence and living like royalty.

• My top level program
• Every tool you need to succeed
• 22 x Hours of exclusive HD video footage
• 63 x Fun & mind blowing modules
• 12 x Tools to master your business & finances
• Step by step instructions suitable for any experience level

The Master Plan

Hey I’m Lewis, founder of The School of Mastery.

My goal is to educate, empower and enlighten 1,000,000 students in timeless, universal laws and strategies that are designed to enrich every area of their lives.

The primary objectives of The School of Mastery are:

  1. To provide grounded principles, strategies and tools that empower our students.
  2. To systematically and repeatedly change the lives of those who implement our strategies and tools.
  3. To create lucrative & inspiring career opportunities for our School of Mastery Facilitators.
  4. To alter the direction of personal development toward a more balanced, grounded & unemotional approach.
  5. To build an army of 1,000,000 students, ambassadors and facilitators.
  6. To elevate the consciousness of humanity.

Get ready to have your mind blown & your heart opened. Click here to get started. 

Lewis Mocker