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5 Reasons Starting a Business Beats FX Trading

So here’s a controversial viewpoint that might challenge some beliefs…

If you find yourself resisting the points below, all I recommend is asking yourself why.

The 5 Reasons

  1. Start up cost. 

For $99 you can launch an info product teaching a unique skillset you’ve developed. Just 10 sales per month at $200 is $2k per month.

If a trader returns 4% per month out of the gate (rare) – they need a $50k account to make that.

  1. No drawdown.

A high margin online business selling in-demand products and services doesn’t experience “account drawdown”. Slow months, sure. That’s why we build subscription products to stabilise revenue 😜

Traders can experience such volatile income patterns, that even the successful ones can’t live off their profits without turning grey at 24 👨‍🦳 Look closely, most live off business income (and rightfully so). 

  1. Effort-based growth. 

If you want to grow your income in online business, you can work smarter and harder, test new marketing angles, use different sales strategies and tweak your offers. You gain immediate feedback, which provides confidence and certainty.

Traders must let their edge play out over long periods of time. Some grow old before they realise they don’t have one.

  1. Guaranteed to work tomorrow.

Guess how you can always generate a reliable income? Selling in-demand products and services to people.

The FX market, on the other hand, is constantly changing. The best strategies of yesterday may not perform today… and as for tomorrow? Well, just wait for your edge to play out, and then you’ll know in hindsight.

  1. Success rates & business assets. 

Anything worthwhile has a low success rate, so the impact of failure must be considered by any (true) risk manager.

If you fail in online business, you’re left with: an impressive set of re-usable real-world skills like marketing, sales, design, copywriting, negotiation, social media, accounting, driving traffic, speaking and branding.

If you fail in trading, you’re left with: a knot in your stomach, and a great knack for spotting bullish MACD divergence

In Summary

Jokes aside, if you’re trading right now and looking to transition into an online business, I want to help. 

I’m currently offering a 7 day free trial to my Wealth Mastery Program, where I’ve already helped hundreds of traders create stable & lucrative businesses to complement their trading.

In the trial, I share: 

  • How to find your niche
  • How to create your first digital product
  • How much to charge
  • What platforms to use
  • How to market your business

If you’re interested, click the link in this post!

Try it for 7 days, and if you don’t find it valuable, just cancel the trial and you won’t pay a cent.