How to Invest $1,000

11 months ago 9 minute watch

In this 9 minute video, you'll learn 3 simple steps to Investing your first $1,000. My investing philosophy is simple, and easy to implement. I focus on building solid foundations for wealth creation by focussing first on low risk, liquid cash cushions BEFORE moving into leveraged investments and speculative assets.

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The Prosperity Tool

12 months ago 10 minute watch

If you have to actually go and work for money in a job by moving your physical body into a particular place at a particular time of the day and of the week, then you are financially dependent. You're dependent on your boss and on your employment...

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How To Get Out Of A Financial Hole

Jan 28,18 13 Minutes of Learning

If you’re in a financial hole but you're ready to get out, let's get to work! By definition you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The step-by-step process for your financial resurrection is laid out on this page.

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They Don’t Understand My Goals

Nov 17,17 9 Minutes of Learning

If you’re a reader, there will come a time when your knowledge exceeds that of your friends. That is to be expected. That’s not the challenging part. The challenging part is that there is a lag time on your results.

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Scary Money Maths

Nov 15,17 17 Minutes of Learning

The average person will work their entire life. And by the time they retire, if they ever do, they'll have saved just months worth of liquidity before they'll need the government (or their children) to bail them out.

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How To Invest $5,000

Oct 23,17 35 Minutes of Learning

So you've got a few thousand dollars, and you want to know where to put it? Firstly, as any true investor understands, when you're dealing with big returns, you're working within a law of diminishing probabilities.

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