I made a video recently called How to Invest $5000, and it had 3 million freaking views! A lot of people who watched the video direct messaged me and said, “Lewis, that’s really cool. How to invest $5000, I like that video. But I don’t have $5,000. I’ve got exactly $1,000.”

How do I invest $1,000?


Well, firstly, you have to understand the scale of probability.

The probability of getting a 1,000% return on your money in one year is very low. But the probability of getting a 5-10% return on your money is quite high.

Incase you didn’t know, simply buying the stock market (via a low cost index fund or similar) can approximate a 10% per annum return over a long period of time. So if you’re happy with going for those kinds of returns, the probability that you can achieve them is pretty high. Simply execute a grounded, defensive, low risk investment philosophy and you could approximate this kind of return over time.

Realise that the higher the returns you’re going for, the lower the probability that you’ll actually get them. 

I find that a lot of people who only have $1,000 want quick fixes.

They want the unicorns, the latest cryptos, the huge returns and the gimmicks. They aim for the vehicles where they can double their money, 10x their money, or even 100x their money.

If this is you, understand that you might hit one, but the probability of that happening is so low, that you’re playing a lottery that point.

My philosophy is…

Why play the lottery with your financial independence, with your wealth, with your family’s security? Why would you play the lottery with that? Go for the sure things first. Get those runs on the board. 


Build your equity slowly, and then earn your way to ever higher degrees of leverage and risk, where you can sort of approximate ever higher returns.

Now, this is really unpopular advice. It’s the truth, but it’s unpopular because people don’t want to hear it. People with a $1,000 in the bank don’t want to hear that you can only make 10% per year, with a high probability.

The reason being is a thousand, $1000 at a 10% return is guess what? $100 profit, for the year.

So who the hell wants to go on and do all this investing, take on risk, and exhaust time, when you’re getting 100 bucks of profit a year? And that is a very reasonable concern.

And so this brings us to the strategy…

If you only have $1,000 in your bank account, you’re looking to invest, and you’re interested in building wealth, and you want to become financially independent, perhaps you want to become a millionaire or a decamillionaire sometime in your life… You can be and you deserve to be! But with a thousand dollars as your starting point, you’re not ready yet to go and move and shake.

You’re not at the point yet where you can go and do highly leveraged investment strategies, because you need to start with the foundations and build your wealth pyramid on solid footing.


You want to build a solid foundation starting from your cash, and then on top of your cash layer, you want to build some passive investments, which are unleveraged, diversified, and low risk. Then, the top of the pyramid, you can get into your speculative dealings, where you can start to push for higher returns.

But when you’re speculating, you only want to do that with a portion of your portfolio.

Otherwise the wealth pyramid becomes top-heavy, and you could topple over.

A lot of people build their wealth on luck, on gimmicks, and on leverage, and their wealth topples over. If the market has a correction, they’re freaking out.

They’re watching the news every night. They are very concerned with what’s going to happen in the market, and they’re running fear. Understand that if you’re fearful, or if you’re greedy, you will lose eventually.

As Warren Buffett famously said:

If you can’t control your emotions, don’t expect to control your money.

The emotions of the financial markets are fear and greed.

Most people are living in the fear or greed mentality. Often times, they set up their wealth portfolio with only a little bit of equity (via a deposit), they go and get a house and leverage themselves up through a mortgage.

A lot of people’s wealth is an upside down pyramid, teetering on the point, and if the market crashes, which inevitably, it does every few years, many people are over-leveraged. So they freak out, they sell at the bottom, and they lose their shirt.


So to my people here, who have a thousand dollars to invest, realise that you’ve got to start with knowledge.

Start with books, move to courses, and then finally, end up in mentorship.

Here’s how you start investing, if you’ve only got a thousand dollars:

  1. First things first. Books.
  2. Secondly, Courses.
  3. Thirdly, Mentorship.

When you’re new to the game, these are your asset classes.

This is where the money is, because if you go and buy the stock market (which a great investment) you’re going to be looking at around $100 profit, for the year, maybe. But knowledge based asset classes give you the ability to double, triple or even 10X your income over a few years.

By reading the right books, you can double your income. By taking the right courses you could triple your income (and more) over a period of years. If you get the right mentorship, from the people with the results, you can accelerate your income massively. 

When your income increases, you can be saving more.

You can be putting aside a thousand or even $2,000 a week, at which point, you’re ready to go and build this wealth pyramid. You’re ready to save your cash, get into passive investments, and then move into speculative dealings.


So you might be wondering what books to start with.

I’m going to give you three book suggestions. Go and source these books, find them, buy them. They’ll probably be a total of $40-$50 max. Get these books!


The first one I want you to read is The Richest Man in Babylon. This is the first book I ever read as a kid, and the principles have stood the test of time. I still, to this day, apply the principles that I learned in The Richest Man of Babylon. Start with that book. Buy the book here.


The next book you want to go and get is The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles. Go and read that book. In that book, you will touch on the metaphysics of wealth, the mindset and the resonation game of wealth, and that book will steer you in the right direction. If you’re new to the game, wealth and business investing, you might need to read it a few times. It’s a little bit chunky, but reread it until you understand it and apply the principles. Buy the book here.


My third book recommendation is a book from my personal mentor, Dr. John Demartini. It’s called How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to HeavenBuy the book here.

If you read and apply these three books, you will have an understanding of wealth that a lot of people don’t have. I’m certain that if you apply the knowledge, you’ll be steps ahead of the rest.


When you’ve read those three books, and you’re ready to take some courses, go and take the course at Infinite Prosperity.

It’s a couple of hundred bucks, so you’ll still come in under your thousand. It’s a couple of hundred bucks, and the content in that course is the best content on wealth structure, wealth mindset, and on building passive and semi-passive income streams, with the intention of achieving financial independence.

It’s the best course that you’re going to get on that topic, and it comes with lifetime support. It comes with a community, where you can go and reach the other students in the community, and ask them for help. It also comes with a lifetime access. That’s the best course you can get.


When you’re ready, go and get some mentorship.

Specifically, I’m referring to one on one mentorship. Get a mentor with the results that you want, or at least someone who’s a few steps ahead of you, and who can guide you through those next steps. Pay them for their time, sit with them, and get advice.

I tell my students a story. I once did a mentorship programme. It was a one hour Skype call. It costs me $200 AUD, and he said a lot of different stuff, and he said, “Do this,” and “change that,” and “tweak that,” and for the life of me, I don’t really remember a lot of it. But this one thing he told me to do I remember it very clearly, and when he told me, I had the hair on my arms stand up, and I knew, I knew that I knew that I knew that this was the thing. This was the reason that I purchased this mentoring session.

It was a $200 Skype call. I don’t think I did any of the other stuff, but I acted on this one thing, and to this day, I have a six-figure annual income stream from that one idea.

$200 mentorship, six-figure income, every year since, and that was in 2013.

So that’s five years running at the time of this writing. It’s probably not quite a million dollar idea yet, but in the next few years, it will have made me a million dollars. $200 investment, million dollar return.

That’s why, when you’re new to the game and you’ve only got $1,000 stashed away, books, courses, mentorship, knowledge.

That’s the game!

March 18, 2018