For most people, leaving high school or graduating from college means they’re done when it comes to learning and growing. So if you’re like me, and you’re committed to constant and never-ending improvement, knowledge and personal development, you may eventually run into some challenges in your social life…

If you’re a reader and a learner, there will come a time when your knowledge exceeds that of your friends. That is to be expected. That’s not the challenging part. The challenging part is that there is a lag time in your results.

In other words, your knowledge and awareness could be growing rapidly, but your tangible results haven’t caught up yet!

This can become quite frustrating when you’re shooting for the moon and those around you seem to be cool playing in the sand. Trying to express and convey your dreams and goals to those who just “can’t see it” can be tiring to say the least.

When I was an electrical apprentice I made $10 per hour.

My “real-world” results, at least from the point of view of my co-workers and bosses, were bottom of the rung. But what many of them didn’t know was that I was 5 years into a rigorous personal development regime. I had a reasonably successful eBay business, a thriving stock portfolio, an investment property, and I was just cracking consistency in my online trading. My awareness was relatively high compared to the people around me, but my results just weren’t there yet…

Image above: Goofing off at work, waiting until knock-off time so I could go home and work on my empire.

It wasn’t my time in the sun. Not yet, anyway.

There was a lag time that I had to stomach.

As an electrical apprentice working in the city, we’d often go down onto the street to grab smoko (That’s Australian slang for lunch on the worksite). Since I was a commercial electrician working in office buildings, the businessmen and women (often Lawyers, Accountants and Insurance Brokers) would join me in the lift on the way back up.

They’d have beautiful suits, brand name bags for the ladies and shiny leather briefcases for the gentlemen. They always smelt of fine perfume.

I’d be there at the back of the lift, rocking a dusty fluorescent tradesman shirt, holding a greasy bag of deep fried potatoes smelling like sweat and asbestos.

They were probably thinking “who is this f#<king peasant in my lift!”

This peasant was a man on a mission to become a millionaire before 25, to quit his job within 2 years, and to share the strategies he used to do it with millions of others to help them follow in his footsteps.

What I’ve learned is this: It doesn’t matter what others think of you. It only matters what you think of you. And if you’re overflowing with certainty, nothing that anyone ever says or thinks will bother you.

“For those pursuing their soul-guided purpose, no mortal can stand in their way.”


If you’re truly playing in a different sphere of awareness to those around you, they literally won’t be able to see what you see.

In my mind, I was already a multi-millionaire. I had done the numbers, played forward my life and felt as if my goals were a certainty. They were a sure thing. I knew that I knew that I knew that I was going to be successful.

But the reality looked different.

From the point of view of friends, all they saw were my results, which was me driving a Toyota Corolla from my parents house where I lived to my $10 per hour job.

This was the Toyota Corolla I drove to work in 2008. The car didn’t even have a CD player, so I used a Sony Discman to listen to my audio CD’s. The reason I took this photo was because of the ticket on my windscreen, which I disputed because I wasn’t parked illegally, and the fine represented 40% of my weekly income. 

Your knowledge will always precede your results. There will be a lag time before the level of knowledge that you have transferred into results.

Understand that this is the journey.

Everyone who started from the bottom and shot to the top went through this journey.

Keep focused on the goal. Don’t break gaze. Forget trying to convince anyone or verbally proving yourself. Just focus on the goal… and let your results do all the speaking!

“Take no credit, cast no blame. Just keep focused on chief aim!”

The cure

The cure to getting through this period is… wait for it… humility!

If you:

 Get prideful and try to shove your awareness and knowledge down people’s throats
 Keep telling others “you need to change this and that”
Keep telling others “you should be doing this”
 Keep telling others that they’re doing business, work, life and relationships wrong…

… when your results haven’t even caught up yet…

Then expect the people around you to beat you down! 

Remember, as soon as you:

Open your mouth
Go into pride
Start telling everyone how smart you are
Start telling everyone how successful you’re going to be

… you are dissipating your power!

 Instead, why not try:

 Keeping it within.
 Using their opinion of you as fuel!

Keep your mouth shut and focus on results until you get your goals, just like this peasant did 😉

So inspired and grateful to introduce the newest member to our family 🙏😁 Though she’s only 1 night old, I’ve had her in my heart and mind for years and years and years… I must thank all my trading mentors, business mentors, and life coaches who have paved the way for me over the last 10-15 years. My biggest & deepest dream is to become that mentor for others so that I can deliver the message of abundance and life empowerment to another generation. The icing on the cake for yesterday’s perfection was news that overnight another @infiniteprosperity student quit her job. The count is now well over 100… and we’re just getting started. Big things are coming! Watch this space 💪❤️ #teach #share #inspire #guide @robynlouise12

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Keep going. Never stop! Your dreams are worth it 🙂

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March 27, 2019