For as long as I can remember, I’ve been on a mission to expand my awareness and empower my life.

Some time into that quest (when I was a ripening teenager), I came across the work of a gentleman by the name of Abraham Maslow. He’s an American psychologist who created a theory of psychological health predicated on fulfilling innate human needs in a particular order… these needs culminated at a level called “self-actualization”…

Self-actualization (noun)

The realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

If you’re anything like me, you might be wondering where you fit into the scale of self-actualization.

And I think it’s a wise question to ask yourself!

So I prepared a short guide below to help you work it out…

Realm 1 (Physiological)

Individuals at this level of conscious evolution are primarily concerned with survival and reproduction. They’re relatively animalistic. If you take their food – they could fight you. If you take their mate – they could fight you. In this state, survival and reproduction are paramount. Long term security may not even be on their radar yet.

Realm 2 (Safety)

At this level, individuals are reasonably confident that they can have their basic survival needs met – now they’re looking for a cave, or some safe place to settle down. In the modern age, they want a “safe, secure” job.

Realm 3 (Love & Belonging)

At this level, the primary focus is settling down, hanging around friends and starting a family. Individuals playing at this level have a strong focus on being loved and supported by friends, family, partners and children.

Those who feel most unloved in their life will dedicate much of their energies to fulfilling this void. If they carry fantasies and Hollywood fairy tales into these relationships – they could compare their reality to a false construct. They jump from one unfulfilling relationship to the next (trying to find that which is unattainable) until they finally realize the truth. Their relationships are purely and divinely orchestrated to help them move to the next level of conscious evolution…

Realm 2 & 3 make up the majority of mass consciousness in the western world.  

Realm 4 (Achievement & Esteem)

At this level of consciousness, individuals are in the process of transcending the need to “fit in” or “be loved” by others. Rather, they desire to stand out and start dedicating their energies to the fulfillment and achievement of goals that are important to them. They desire to be acknowledged and respected as their leadership qualities emerge.

Realm 5 (Self-Actualization)

At this level, the true self begins to shine.

A self-actualized individual tends not to concern himself much with taking credit and casting blame. He does not consume much energy by judging others, because he has already transcended most levels of consciousness and therefore realises and acknowledges the beautiful journey that other human beings are on.

Self-actualized individuals have also shedded the majority of their attachments and expectations, which liberates them to enjoy an incredible amount of flexibility and spontaneity. People playing at this level of life tend to focus on their soul guided purpose and mission on the planet, and therefore they tend to be the individuals that leave grand legacies upon their passing.

A Helpful Tip

Remember, if you want to create an empowered life, it’s crucial that you understand that each level of conscious evolution will hold you there with a tight grip, until your expanding awareness can allow you to transcend it all together.

In other words, if you’re in Realm #3, your greatest pains and pleasures in life will stem from your need for love and belonging. You will keep living in Realm #3 until you’ve experienced enough pain and pleasure at that level to finally release yourself to the next level (Level #4 in this case) where you will be divinely presented with a new set of pains and pleasures to work through.

So where do you fit in?  👼

And, perhaps more importantly, where would you love to move up to in this life?

May you continue to empower your soul and your senses on this never ending journey of love and expansion 😁 ❤️

March 24, 2018